Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here and there..

Mood: Bored a lil.
so, I know this isn't how someone starts a blog. :P I didn't know what to write about.
Anyways, I just prayed :) El7emdllah! I Really love Ramdhan's Atmosphere, so peaceful! Love it.
I Love it when the whole family gathers :D its awesome.. I miss my dad too. Yrja3 bsalameh enshallah :D
I actually have so many things to saay .. soo I'm going to write whatever pops into my mind in this post!
I hope you guys get something! lol.
I'm going to my bestie's place tomorrow! its been really long, since I last saw her .. a month? maybe. I'm so excited :D althou I'm pissed my other friends won't come. T8reeban they always have to have silly reasons! ALWAYS. I know 7ram ..
But once PLEASE t3aloo without making a fuusss! I love you guyss :P hahaha .. random.

The TV show Harper's Island is very nice!
I never thought I would watch this kind of series! a thriller :p its all about murdering
Surprisngly, I found it Interesting. I'm done with it actually. the ending wass one word .. Unexpected.
I higly recommend this tv show! :D
I Can't stop thinking about .. how everything wasss unexpected & MYSTERIOUS :D
I was telling my cousins to watch it .. The next day I dreamt that the same thing that happened to the characters happend to us *my Family* the only difference was that the island in my dream was AWESOME :p new/luxurious houses hahaha. & I don't remember John Wakefield murdering any of us LOL.
soo this is enough for today xx

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