Monday, August 31, 2009

I'll Wait.

Sometimes I feel I want .. hmmm, something new to happen.. I feel this way from a long time. I want to graduate, drive, move into a new house, or even move into my own house! travel to places I never been to, travel on my own or with my friends, and work. I really want to experience new things. I want to do things on my own.. & I also want to depend on myself, feel like I did something.. something I like, and could be proud of.
I'll keep waiting for a change to come...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some kind of miracle..

Mood : Excited
Listening to : Show me what I'm looking for - Carolina liar.
I went to A's place today. We had a lot of catching up to do haha :p
We watched tv, gossiped a lil :$, & watched an old episode of gossip girl.
I Really had so much fun with you A! I Always do :$ Mwahh xx
soo, A & I are going to a friend's house tomorrow. I felt bad because she always invites me.
Enshallah we are going to have fun :D

I Felt like talking about Prison break since its my favorite tv show! I really really love it..
I still can't believe how season 4 ended! it was really shocking!! I actually cried.. yes I did haha.
Its so weird because I'm not a cry baby lol. I Started to watch it all over again too!!!! According to my sister I'm obsessed with Prison break. Which is true :p

My favorite Prison Break Quotes.

Abruzzi: These trousers are a little bit too short. Don't you think?
Lincoln: Chop your feet off. You're good at that.


T-Bag: Not that hot? When this guy woke up this morning (pointing to an African American prisoner) he was white.


T-Bag: "So, I'm going to spell out the present options: Either we split this money, and you can get your legs tattooed or whatever the hell it is you want."


Michael: Tell me that’s not what I know it is.
T-Bag: Don't worry. Before I ate it I committed it to my photographic memory. I would have tattooed it to my body but I didn’t have the time.

T-bag is hilarious!!

And I Want to Share with you guys Mark St. james Quotes in Ugly betty.
This guy is hilarious too! I really love him! :p he's gay though! HAHAHA.

Marc St. James: [going through his story with Betty in order to fool his mother] We met when I made a bet with my friends that I could turn you from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan
Betty Suarez: Marc, that's "She's All That."
Marc St. James: No, in that movie, she actually became beautiful. I felt in love with you because of that whole inner beauty crap.


Marc St. James: [dressed as Betty with a wig, glasses, braces and poncho] Hola! Happy Halloween!
Wilhelmina Slater: Marc! That is the absolute cruelest thing I've ever seen. Someone’s getting a raise.


Marc: Did you see her facelift? Laaawsuit!


Wilhelmina [referring to Connor]: He's ambitious, he's shrewd, he's competitive, he's hot, he's me
Marc: He's the Male-amina


Amanda: Did she just give us the "busy, busy, lets talk later" blow off? We invented blow off!
Marc: Yes we did, to remind the little people around here that we are king and queen of this particular prom


Marc: Would it be wrong if we threw [Betty] a going away party and didn't invite her?


Amanda: What if [Wilhelmina] has hidden cameras in here
Marc: Trust me, if she had hidden cameras I'd have been fired a long time ago


Marc: You know paper burns at 451 degrees
Wilhelmina: Good you can become a science teacher after I fire you

Toodlooloo :D
* The title has nothing to do with the post lol *

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here and there..

Mood: Bored a lil.
so, I know this isn't how someone starts a blog. :P I didn't know what to write about.
Anyways, I just prayed :) El7emdllah! I Really love Ramdhan's Atmosphere, so peaceful! Love it.
I Love it when the whole family gathers :D its awesome.. I miss my dad too. Yrja3 bsalameh enshallah :D
I actually have so many things to saay .. soo I'm going to write whatever pops into my mind in this post!
I hope you guys get something! lol.
I'm going to my bestie's place tomorrow! its been really long, since I last saw her .. a month? maybe. I'm so excited :D althou I'm pissed my other friends won't come. T8reeban they always have to have silly reasons! ALWAYS. I know 7ram ..
But once PLEASE t3aloo without making a fuusss! I love you guyss :P hahaha .. random.

The TV show Harper's Island is very nice!
I never thought I would watch this kind of series! a thriller :p its all about murdering
Surprisngly, I found it Interesting. I'm done with it actually. the ending wass one word .. Unexpected.
I higly recommend this tv show! :D
I Can't stop thinking about .. how everything wasss unexpected & MYSTERIOUS :D
I was telling my cousins to watch it .. The next day I dreamt that the same thing that happened to the characters happend to us *my Family* the only difference was that the island in my dream was AWESOME :p new/luxurious houses hahaha. & I don't remember John Wakefield murdering any of us LOL.
soo this is enough for today xx

No surprise.

I would like to put this behind us.. Everything.
Because I never knew something like this could happen. Just when I thought everything is going to be Okay, something had to go wrong! I deserve a big, fat "I told you so." :)